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"You call this a script? Give me a couple of $5000.00-a-week writers and I'll write it myself. "
Joe Pasternak

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  • The rules are clear: no place to mill about. There’s no such thing as comfort for unhappy men. He leaves the tall house and passes through the eye of the blizzard, insignias unpinned, his neck exposed by a collar haphazardly removed. In silence. No one rings him, not even from his pockets, no sharp objects or dimes, his shoes unlaced, his loops without a belt. He’s free to think—or whatever else he pleases, no one cares where he goes or why— of Roland, ... Translated from Polish by Benjamin Paloff bilingual version
  • The Winter/Spring 2011 issue of Passages North includes the winners of their 2010 fiction contests:Waasmode Fiction PrizeJudged bye Rebecca JohnsWinner: Tori MalcangioJust Desserts Short-Short Fiction PrizeJudged by Jennifer A. HowardWinner: Darren MorrisHonorable Mentions: Edith Pearlman, Jendi Reiter, Thomas Yori
  • A blog is something that can be done for a hobby or for money. A blog is a very personal thing, no matter what your reasons for starting it are. That said, it’s important to follow best practices to get the most visitors possible. This article contains several suggestions to assist you produce a successful blog. Be certain your blog uses SEO, or search engine optimization. The whole point of a blog is to get people to read it, so you need to ensure that your site appears high in the search results for relevant keywords. Get the most readers by using the most important keywords as part...
  • Wiccan spells are typically referred to as "magick" fairly than the frequent "magic." This differentiates genuine magic from widespread conjuring and illusion tricks practiced by phase performers in demonstrates. When Wicca was first produced, the government and public society at large was scared by it and so persecuted witches and wizards, putting them to death. Even now despite the fact that witch-hunting no lengthier occurs it is common for Wicca followers to practice their arts in...
  • You must present your reference in the proper way with proper style. The preferred list is with triple-space between entries. This can adequately separate references for clarity. Also remember to check the accuracy of spelling, addresses, and contact information before submitting your references page to recruiters. Errors will be frustrating to the inquiring screener, embarrassing to you, and possibly lead to your exclusion as a suitable candidate.

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It has been said that a monkey, randomly typing away on a typewriter (in the days when typewriters replaced the pen or plume as the preferred instrument of writing) could re-create Shakespeare-- but only if it lived long enough (this is known as the infinite monkey theorem).